Expert Tips On Natural Stone Maintenance

Expert Tips On Natural Stone Maintenance


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



Beautiful Flooring is an important part of your home appeal. Whether it is tile flooring, hardwood flooring, or the most reliable and durable natural stone flooring. Therefore, they demand proper care and maintenance.

Marbles are the most loved flooring when it comes to natural stones. So, here are some expert tips for your natural stone maintenance and cleaning, which can help to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your loved flooring.

Helpful Tips To Maintain Your Natural Stone Flooring

Perform Regular Cleaning

Dirt and stains are always harmful to your flooring. Therefore, grooming and mopping are mandatory to maintain your natural stone flooring. You also can use a vacuum to clean your flooring.

Do Not Scrub Your Natural Stone Flooring

There is a shiny layer on your natural stone flooring. If you scrub your natural stone floor harshly, then that shiny layer comes off. That can ruin the look of your flooring.

Don’t Forget To Polish Your Natural Stone

Along with time, your natural stone flooring loses its shine, therefore you can polish it to restore the shiny look.

Expert Tips On Natural Stone Maintenance

Give Attention to Each Stain

Never let the stain settle on your natural stone flooring. Whenever a stain occurs use a soft cloth with a natural cleaning solution and scrub gently to remove the stain. Avoid mopping the whole area when a stain occurs.

Schedule Professional Cleaning

Natural stone needs professional natural stone cleaning at intervals of 6 months. So, hire professionals at regular time intervals to make your flooring last longer.

What Products We Should Avoid On Natural Stone Floors?

  • Acidic cleaning solutions
  • Alkaline-based cleaners

Follow these tips and we guarantee your flooring will last for decades. Further, if you are looking for options to choose professional natural stone cleaning in your area, then take Ultra Shine Cleaning Services into consideration. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. Follow our Facebook page to know more about our quality services.


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