How to Clean Upholstery After the Holidays?

How to Clean Upholstery After the Holidays?


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



Now that the holiday season is gone, all you have is the pleasant memories of good times and tons of cleanup to do. Nowhere is this more evident than in the wear and stains on your furniture.

Due to this, getting your upholstered furniture back to its original condition after the holidays may look tough. But Ultra Shine Cleaning Services experts have the perfect guide to get your upholstery back to its spotless look. In this blog, we have shared this secret to help revive your upholstery fabric after the holidays.

Best Way to Clean Upholstery After the Holidays

⇒ Start With Thorough Vacuuming

Dirt and dust easily find their way to your furniture during the holidays due to their constant use. These particles accumulate on the upholstery fabrics, making it look dirty and grimy.

So pick up your vacuum and go over the entire couch at least twice. Use a crevice tool to reach difficult spots. Similarly, vacuum all the other upholstered furniture in your home. Making this a regular habit will extend the life of your upholstery.

⇒ Spot Treat the Stains

Where there is a party or a get-together, there will be stains. Holiday parties are no different. While you can prevent excess damage to the fabrics by acting quickly and blotting the stains with a clean cloth, some stubborn stains, like wine and cake ones, will refuse to leave.

Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing white vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a 1:1 ratio. Wet a clean cloth with this solution and address the stains by blotting them gently. Blot up the excess liquid and let the area dry.

Note: Read the care label on the back of the upholstery and use a solution as per the instructions. Also, test the solution first before using it on the furniture.

⇒ Prepare the Cleaning Solution

Next, make a cleaner for general cleaning by mixing 1/4th cup of white vinegar and liquid dish soap with two cups of warm water. You have to clean upholstery without using water if it has an S label, so use rubbing alcohol or a store-bought cleaner.

Test your solution on a small area at the furniture’s base. Check for any signs of fading and discoloration. Only proceed when there are no side effects.

⇒ Clean the Fabric

Dampen a clean cloth with the solution and start cleaning your furniture from the top. Place the cloth/sponge over the areas and blot gently. Cover the top portion with this method and then move towards cleaning the cushions.

Similarly, blot and clean the arms and, finally, the bottom portion of your upholstered furniture. Then, go over the entire couch with a microfiber cloth dipped in plain water to remove excess solution.

⇒ Allow It To Dry

Let your upholstery fabric dry without any disturbance. Open the windows and turn on the fans to ensure thorough drying. Check for any remaining moisture underneath the cushions to prevent any future issues.

⇒ Protect From Future Stains and Spills

Finally, apply an upholstery stain protector on your furniture to prevent such a mess during the next holiday season. It will repel all the stains and spills from the upholstery fibers, maintaining its pristine appearance. With the protector, you can be a bit relaxed with the spills and enjoy it without worrying about how to clean the upholstery after the holidays.

Bottom Line

Cleaning upholstery after the holidays can be challenging. But with proper preparation, you can overcome this task and restore your fabrics to their former glory.

But remember to read the care label of your upholstered fabric and avoid using solutions not mentioned in it. The labels will include the material of the fabric and symbols (S, W, S/W, and X) indicating the solutions to use.


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