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Professional Natural Stone Cleaning Riverside

Do you know why natural stone needs a unique method for dirt removal and buildups? It is because of its porous nature. Moreover, due to its porous nature, it can harbor lots of lethal bacteria. This develops a huge threat to the natural stone as well as the inhabitants. Hence, it becomes essential to have floor maintenance by professionals. If you have already invested a lot in your home and looking for Natural Stone Cleaning Riverside! – count on Ultra Shine Cleaning Services to help protect that investment.

Regular professional stone cleaning is essential, especially if you have a natural stone at home. Daily mopping will not be enough to eliminate the dirt and stains accumulated within the pores. Professional natural stone maintenance will keep up the charm of the stone.

Quality Natural Stone Cleaning Services Riverside CA 

When you decide to hire Natural Stone Cleaning Riverside, the technicians from Ultra Shine Cleaning Services will be in and out within a few hours. Our professionals use proven methods to reduce wear and tear on your natural stone surface. Moreover, this also enhances the beauty of your natural stone floor. We can deal with all! From limestone to marble, concrete to granite, and everything in between.

Our free estimates are an excellent way to get the natural stone cleaning process started. Before the natural stone cleaning services begin, our professionals will take some steps. Such as a close look at your floor and examining every square measure. Then, according to that they will formulate the best course of action and will work on it.

When it comes to stains, it becomes a bit difficult to eliminate as the natural stones are porous. It means the surface can absorb stains and spills. For stain removal, it better to hire professional stone floor cleaning services. Our team uses the best natural stone stain remover to eliminate stain keeping the environment safe. There is no single way to clean the floor. In fact, the natural stone cleaning can vary on the stone and grout you have. That’s the reason our professionals always customize the cleaning solution to get the best results.




Initially, our professionals being with a pre-inspection. Whether it is a natural stone cleaning, restoration or a sealing job. Here the experts also develop a customized care plan to meet your specific needs as per your flooring.


At Ultra Shine Cleaning Services, every client and their property is important to us. Hence, we take all the essential precautions to protect all areas surrounding your stones with plastic sheets and blue tape.


The cleaning process varies from stone to stone. There are various variables included such as maintenance, soiling conditions, traffic, type of use, and many more. While cleaning any stone, we use certified and proven cleaning products. After applying the solution, the floor is hand scrubbed and brushed.

Eventually, rinsing is done using a rinsing tool, connected a truck-mounted hot water extraction system. This allows maximum soil removal and cleaning results.


Our diamond abrasives remove a little amount of stone (To get below the etch marks and scratches). We perform all diamond grinding using water to clean the dust.

The natural stone that is scratched, scuffed, etched can only be restored by the use of an industry-grade rotary machine. The surfacing procedure that follows will decide the desired surface sheen.


Here, the stone is mechanically resurfaced using an abrasive and water to achieve a uniformly honed surface sheen. In some cases, polished marble, granite, travertine or limestone can be mechanically honed to eliminate pre-existing surface polish.


In this process, the industry-grade machine is used to polish and produce a high gloss shine. During the polishing process, lightly etches, scuffs, and scratches are usually removed. But for deep etches scuffs and scratches, it needs a diamond grinding.


This is an optional process, it will be provided if requested. This is the last step for the natural stone cleaning process. As per your stone sealer selection, we will use a heavy-duty professional grade sealer to seal the stones.


Eventually, we will have a walk-through in your areas to inspect the area before we leave. We will also give some tips on how to maintain your stones.

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If you are spending hours scrubbing your natural stone and getting no results, then get in touch with now! Ultra Shine Cleaning Services provides Natural Stone Cleaning Riverside and nearby areas. Over 20 years, we had the privilege of serving thousands of people in Riverside. We have given the most sparkling floors they’ve ever seen.

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