Oriental Rug Cleaning
Riverside CA


Oriental rug refers to all those rugs that are made in Asian countries. Authentic Oriental rugs are created with hands and made of cotton, silk, or wool. As makers constructed oriental rug with a lot of effort, maximum care and attention is necessary. Hiring professional oriental rug cleaning in Riverside County from Ultra Shine Cleaning Services is a wise decision.

Since 1993, we have been serving the best cleaning services in Riverside, CA to maintain the glory of oriental rugs for years. We help you eliminate old stains, dirt, and other dust pollutants from your area rug within time. With us, you will receive the satisfactory oriental rug cleaning service under your budget.

How Often Should You Clean Oriental Rugs?

At Ultra Shine Cleaning Services, our rug cleaners in Riverside recommend you clean your oriental rugs professionally every two or three years. But that doesn’t mean that you sit ideal even if the rugs are dirty. Our team of trained and experienced cleaners is here to fulfill all your needs related to oriental rug cleaning in Riverside and other nearby areas.

Professional cleaners remove the dust and debris from the rug using the correct dirt removal technique, and equipment. In comparison to the standard procedure of shaking and beating the rugs, this approach is less stressful. We employ cleaning agents that have been thoroughly tested in commercial settings and pose no threat to any type of rug. We make sure to prolong the life of the rug by carefully removing stains and cleaning it gently.


How We Clean Oriental Rugs?

Step: 1

We start our oriental rug cleaning process by performing a thorough inspection for holes or any spot. Our cleaners use state-of-the-art machinery to clean the rug

Step: 2

After the inspection procedure, we put your rug inside the rug duster to loosen or remove any dirt particles.

Step: 3

Next, if you own pets, we perform pet odor and stain removal treatment to eliminate bad odors and urine stains.

Step: 4

After that, we put your oriental rug in a fully automatic washing tub. Here, paddles move your rug and our eco-friendly cleaning solution safely removes deeply penetrated dirt from the fibers.

Step: 5

Then, the rug is removed from the bathtub and we begin with final rinsing. Here, we ensure that it leaves behind no sticky residue.

Step: 6

Your rug is dried and hung in a climate-controlled environment to dry completely.

Step: 7

At the final stage, we start the drying process to eliminate moisture content in the oriental rug. Once the rug is dry completely, you can enjoy its comfort and cozy feel.

How Much Does Oriental Rug Cleaning Cost?

Oriental rug cleaning costs keep on changing depending on the size of your rug. Other factors responsible for the pricing of oriental or any other rugs are:-

  • Material: Synthetic, wool, or silk fiber
  • Machine-made or hand-tied rug
  • Issues of discoloration or have holes
  • Damaged by pet urine or moth infestation

Whatever the issue, our rug cleaners in Riverside County help you deep clean and restore your oriental rug. We provide you with three exclusive cleaning packages: Value, Silver, and Gold.

Stay informed!

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