Wood Floor Cleaning
Riverside CA


Hardwood floors are vulnerable to scuffs and built-up dirt. We, at Ultra Shine Carpet Cleanings, recommend professional wood floor cleaning anywhere between 1 and 4 per year to maintain its shiny appeal. The cleaning is depended on the amount of traffic in your property. We provide you with the best wood floor cleaning in Riverside to preserve your investment.

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaners

100% Savings On Wood Replacement or Refinishing

Restoring or cleaning your hardwood floors is the best option without stretching your budget on costly refinishing and replacement. Having your wood floors clean from our well-trained cleaners is a cost-effective option. We aim for providing sparkling clean and appealing hardwood floors for your Riverside county property.

The goal is to eliminate all the sticky pollutants and dust contaminants from your wood floors. Using the industry-leading floor cleaning supplies, we assure to remove even the deeply rooted pollutant causing no damage. Overall, hiring our hardwood floor cleaning services will help to keep your wood surface at its top condition.


How We Accomplish Cleaning Heavily Soiled Hardwood Floors?

Is your wood flooring is heavily soiled? We are here to help you. Following the below-mentioned hardwood floor cleaning process, we guarantee to revive your hard surface:-

Step: 1

Before starting a deep hardwood floor cleaning process, our team of cleaners do a thorough inspection and identify damages. They determine the best cleaning method and solutions to use on your floor.

Step: 2

Once the wood cleaning method and products are determined. We move furniture and performing vacuuming with a truck-mounted vacuum system. This will remove all the dry soil from the wood surface.

Step: 3

At this stage, we use hardwood floor safe cleaners and advanced techniques for deep cleaning. We ensure not to leave behind any sticky residue during the cleaning process.

Step: 4

When cleaning is accomplished, we dry the wood surface using a clean mop and fan. This way, we dry floors quickly and there will be no chance that water damages your wood flooring.

Step: 5

In the end, we will complete the hardwood cleaning process with post-inspection for any left out water or residue. You will leave with clean and healthy wood flooring.

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For more updates on the wood floor cleaning in Riverside or to get tips, tricks, or special offers on our cleaning service, contact us at 951-688-7777. Our Riverside hardwood floor cleaning services will ensure a clean and healthy home environment.

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