Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid

Common Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



Adopting a regular cleaning schedule helps keep your windows looking pristine throughout the year. But improper cleaning riddled with mistakes can have the opposite consequences.

To prevent that, you should know the common window-cleaning mistakes. In this blog, we will take a look at these errors to help you steer clear of them and protect your window from damage during future cleanings.

Window Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

1. Not Dusting Before

Before using any cleaning solution on your windows, dust them with a clean cloth to remove dirt and dust. Neglecting to do so can result in unsightly mud marks at the bottom of your window. The mud and dust, combined with cleaners, can be even more difficult to remove during the cleaning.

2. Using Newspapers

It’s a common window cleaning myth that a newspaper is the best tool for cleaning the windows. However, it’s not the case. The runoff from the ink used in these papers can stain your windows even more.

Instead of newspaper, use a lint-free microfiber cloth for window cleaning. It won’t leave any residue on your window and provide better cleaning.

3. Spraying the Wrong Solution

Not all window cleaning products are good for your windows. Some cleaning products can leave stains and dust on your window, making it look grimier than before.

Therefore, you should use cleaning solutions with low water content to prevent streaks on your windows. You can also use homemade remedies to clean your windows, as they don’t contain any harmful chemicals.

4. Cleaning Large Areas at Once

Another common window-cleaning mistake is trying to clean a large area at once. It can lead to multiple errors, such as leaving behind the residue or forgetting to clean other areas altogether. You may even have to reclean the windows due to this.

Partitioning the window cleaning into separate parts during dusting, cleaning, and drying makes the process much more efficient. So clean your windows in small portions to prevent these issues.

5. Washing with Hard Water

If you live in an area with high water hardness, don’t clean your windows with that water. Repeated cleaning with water high in minerals can form a mineral layer on the windows.

This mineral layer is very difficult to remove with household cleaners and may need specialized solutions to remove. So, if you notice a mineral layer on your windows, start using distilled water for cleaning.

6. Not Using a Squeegee

A squeegee is a useful tool for cleaning windows, but many homeowners make the mistake of not using it. It makes cleaning windows simple and prevents issues like leftover lint and streaks on the window.

7. Cleaning On a Very Sunny Day

A common but overlooked window cleaning mistake is choosing a very sunny day to clean your windows. While the weather is excellent during this time, the heat from the sun can cause the solution to dry before you can clean it, resulting in unsightly streaks.

You can prevent this by scheduling your window cleaning on a cloudy day for a window cleaning without any delays.

8. Not Calling the Experts on Time

Not calling professional cleaners on time can also have negative consequences for your windows, as DIY cleaning can’t handle all the issues. You need to book professional window cleaning at least twice a year to give your windows the cleaning they deserve.

Experts from Ultra Shine Cleaning Services have the skills and experience to clean your windows without making any mistakes. Our cleaning leaves your window spotless and crystal clear, making it a true hallmark of beauty.

Bottom Line

While you should remember these common window cleaning mistakes when cleaning ground windows, also look after the safety considerations when cleaning windows on higher levels.


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