Which is The Best Home Remedy For Cleaning Windows

Which is The Best Home Remedy For Cleaning Windows?


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The windows of your home are the first one that attracts the outside dust in it. How often do you clean these windows? Even if you are cleaning these windows, you use the harmful cleaners available in the market. This commercial window cleaner gives a sparkling shine, but it can cause indoor air pollution issues in your home after cleaning.

Skipping all the commercial cleaners, there is always an option to find your own best home remedy for cleaning windows. You can easily make a window cleaner by using natural ingredients available in your home. Learn the 3 best home remedies for cleaning windows.

3 Best Home Remedies for Window Cleaning

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1. Vinegar-based window cleaner

Vinegar is a very good substance for removing the dull and filthy film developed on your windows. Take a glass spray bottle filled with 1 cup of warm water in it. Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar in it and shake the mixture thoroughly. Spray this solution on your windows and wipe them with a clean cloth. Also if your windows are heavily soiled, then wash them with soapy water before using this technique.

2. Lemon juice-based window cleaner

Prepare a solution of warm water and lemon juice in a glass spray bottle. Then spray this solution on your windows, and clean it with a soft cloth. Because of the acidic nature of lemon juice, it is good to remove the grease and dirt from the windows. This way it helps to give you a polished glass surface.

3. Ammonia and Cornstarch based window cleaner

If you want to go for a low-cost alternative to window cleaning, then ammonia is the best choice. Mix the solution of ammonia, cornstarch, and hot water in the glass spray bottle. Shake it well. Now spray this solution on the glasses of the window. Use the newspaper to prevent streaks formed on the window due to the foam of the solution. Wipe the glasses of a window in one direction to get a clear view of them.

Thus you can choose your own best home remedy for cleaning windows out of all the 3 techniques explained above. The best part of making homemade window cleaner is it will never leave any type of harsh residue after cleaning. This way you can give a safe and healthy environment for your family.

How to Get Environment-Friendly Window Cleaning?

Nowadays due to the busy work schedule, it becomes hard to prepare all these natural cleaning solutions at home. To resolve this problem, you can always contact a company that provides eco-friendly window cleaning at your home.

Ultra Shine Cleaning Services is the best choice that you can make up for it. Our professionals have years of experience in providing top-level window cleaning services using natural products. Call us at 951-688-7777 to book the next window cleaning service for your home. Follow our  Facebook and Twitter pages to stay updated with more home remedies for window cleaning.


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