Tips On Cleaning A Couch Upholstery

Tips On Cleaning A Couch Upholstery


by Ultrashine Carpet Cleaning



The couch is one of the most used pieces of furniture in your house. It serves as a bed, dining table, pet heaven, and playground for children. All these activities leave lots of stains, dirt, dust mites, and bacteria on upholstery. Now it’s time to take a hard look at your couch upholstery and give it a perfect cleaning.

Professional upholstery cleaning is beneficial as the experts will take care of your couch fabric also while cleaning. The foam of the couch is damaged after some time and makes your upholstery looks dull and dirty. In this blog, you will learn 3 different ways of couch upholstery cleaning.

3 Different Ways for Cleaning A Couch Upholstery

1. Check The Code Before Cleaning

The first step to take before cleaning is to verify the code mentioned on the corners of your upholstery. The code is indicated in lowercase. For example:

  • Code “W” is for a wash with water only.
  • Code “S” is for a wash with a water-free solvent to remove dirt, soil, and stain.
  • Also, code “W/S” indicates that the fabric of your upholstery can be washed with water-based as well as solvent-based products.
  • Moreover, code “X” indicates that you should always ask professionals to clean your couch upholstery rather than try it yourself at home.

2. Use Dishwashing Liquid, Warm Water, and Baking Soda

There are various solvents available to extract the stains and dirt without harming your couch upholstery.

  • Use dishwashing liquid that does not contain a lot of chemicals.
  • Mix baking soda in warm water. This solution can easily remove the stain because of its warmness in it. Moreover, it also helps to remove the color dullness of your upholstery.

3. Blot Moisture and Remove Solid Debris

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The liquid stain spread on your upholstery must be blotted as soon as possible with paper towels. However, the solid stains of mayonnaise and cheese must be picked up with the help of a blunt knife.  You should never rub such an area because it will deepen the stain inside the fabric of your couch upholstery.

Are You In Need of A Professional Help?

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