Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning Services

5 Step Used in Professional Mattress Steam Cleaning Services


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



Our mattresses are always well covered and look clean, they are often mistaken for not requiring any cleaning. They are covered with clean sheets that are replaced regularly, but that’s not enough to keep the mattress clean to sleep.

Mattress steam cleaning services are very similar to the furniture cleaning process. Both have a large surface that serves as an air filter in your home: they easily absorb odors, dirt, and allergens. In fact, an average used mattress can contain 100,000 to 10 million mites.

Why Hire A Professional For Mattress Steam Cleaning Services?

The mattress collects dust, dirt, and dust-free over time. Obviously, the dust is invisible to the naked eye but causes skin problems and allergies. In fact, microbes, dust, and mites can cause respiratory distress and lung infections.

Maybe you think it solves the problem in its own way: lifting a bed, dusting off, or vacuuming. But how many times have you done that? Daily cleaning is a very sketchy solution because it doesn’t really remove the deep-seated dirt and dust-mud debris.

How Professionals Perform Mattress Steam Cleaning Services?

1. Preliminary Check

Professionals start cleaning of the mattress with a preliminary check and documentation on existing conditions such as color change, mattress type, or age. They can only clean innerspring mattresses and do not recommend using the hot water extraction method for cleaning your mattresses. A wet foam may not dry out completely and cause secondary damage.

2. Cleaning of The Dust

Technicians pre-vacuum your entire mattress to remove insoluble debris, such as dirt, hair, and soil. Next, they identify areas of treatment that may require additional attention. This is a common step if you are trying to remove pet stains from your mattress.

3. Deep Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning

Then, that clean your mattress with hot water steam and a residue-free cleaning solution. The wand oozes water and cleaning solution with a powerful truck-mounted cleaning vacuum. They ensure your mattress dries as quickly as possible, capturing moisture and loose dirt from the fabric.

It is important to understand that with cotton or natural cellulosic rayon, technicians cannot inject hot solutions into the fabric due to the potential brown color of the fabric. You may need to use a cotton shampoo to safely sample the process.

4. Deodorize

After cleaning the mattress, you have the option of adding a deodorant to the mattress. The deodorizer neutralizes odor immediately.

5. Drying

One of the key components of mattress steam cleaning services is to make sure the dry time is up to speed. It is important to know the possibility of wetting when the moisture evaporates, the art will reappear and it will bring the stain back to the surface. Therefore, Your mattress should be dry in 5-8 hours.

It’s Time to Call in Experts

Our expertise and experience at Ultra Shine Cleaning Services help you solve the problem really safely and easily. We offer a light and full special mattress steam cleaning treatment to your mattresses that completely transforms your mattress, as we know steam is a natural and excellent disinfectant. Those in Riverside don’t hesitate to contact our team through social media or give us a phone call at 951-688-7777.


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