How To Protect Carpet

8 Easy and Effective Tricks On How To Protect Carpet


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Do you know how you feel when someone knocks something over your carpet or when the dog tears a corner of your carpet? The carpet in your home makes the rooms more comfortable and contributes to appearance, design, and touch. The color, texture, and placement of it can help you make any kind of statement, from casual and warm to formal and bright. However, if these carpets are damaged, they quickly affect the design of a room.

Maintain Carpet to maitain beautiful home

Fortunately, there are many simple ways how to protect carpets from damage so that they stay clean and in good condition. Since they are an integral part of your home design for a long time to come.

8 Easy Tricks To Protect Your Carpet From Damage

1. No Food On The Carpet Policy

An easy way to prevent carpet damage is to keep food away from it. Keep food, snacks, and beverages in the kitchen to reduce the risk of spreading on the carpet. This trick is especially useful if you have children at home.

2. Train Your Pets

We love our pets, but they pose a threat to the carpet. A curious puppy or kitten can scratch or chew, damaging it. If you have pets, make sure they are well-trained and take care of them around the mat. If you are not sure that your pets will be able to keep it clean, then keep them completely away from the carpet.

3. Outdoor Mat

An outdoor mat can reduce the appearance of dirt, mud, rain, and snow in your home and carpet. Well-placed doormats will encourage people to remove their shoe debris or clean them before entering. But don’t let your mat do its dirty work – the outdoor mat should be cleaned regularly throughout the season.

4. Take Off Your Shoes

Don't use shoes on carpet

When you enter your front door, take off your shoes to protect your carpet from traces of mud, dirt, and other substances that can stain it. Getting used to taking your shoes off upon entering is a simple and very effective way to protect your carpet.

5. Coasters Under Furniture

Heavy furniture can especially damage the carpet. It can shred carpet fibers, flatten them, and cause permanent damage. It may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to sorting furniture, dirty marks on the carpet can ruin it. Prevent this problem by using a special coaster designed to be placed under heavy furniture.

6. Protect From Direct Sun

A carpet that has been exposed to direct sunlight for a long time may discolor. Over time, you may notice that the areas of the rug that are exposed to sunlight appear lighter or darker than the rest of the rug. Avoid this by using blinds or curtains to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun on carpets or rugs.

7. Use Protective Coating

Some cleaning companies offer a carpet coating product that will help your carpet resist dirt and stains. This service will help protect your carpet and give it a new look in the long run. Remember that this coating will not protect the carpet from everything. It should be re-applied from time to time.

8. Nothing Better Than Regular Cleaning

One of the most important ways to protect your carpets throughout the year is to regularly clean them.

The frequent vacuum removes dust, dirt, and wandering from the carpet, which turns into stains and promotes mold growth. Therefore, regular carpet cleaning is an ideal way to avoid permanent damage.

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Now you know how to protect the carpet. However, no matter how much dirt you try to prevent, carpets may be prey to the season. But Ultra Shine Cleaning Services will keep your carpets looking like new by the time spring rolls around. Contact us today at 951-688-7777 for repair and cleaning. Your carpets will thank you!

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