How to Clean a Mattress Without Baking Soda

How to Clean a Mattress Without Baking Soda?


by Ultrashine Carpet Cleaning



Have you been using baking soda to clean your mattress stain? 

Are you experiencing issues like over-drying of the skin, worsening acne breakouts, skin irritation, and inflammation? 

If you are saying yes for all, then it is high time to stop using baking soda as a mattress stain remover. 

Now you might want to know how to clean a mattress. This blog is for you including ideas on disinfecting a mattress using other natural ingredients. 

Let us explore…..

Ideas To Clean a Mattress Without Baking Soda 

A mattress usually requires no maintenance but over time it becomes dull, mucky, and stained. 

To eliminate these stains on your mattress, you always find ways to organic methods, i.e., a cleaning agent with no use of chemicals. 

Here we will discuss how to clean a mattress without baking soda. This is because sometimes it is harmful to your skin. Other than a mattress, there are many things you should never clean with baking soda

Therefore, the best alternative to baking soda is white vinegar. The combination of vinegar and other ingredients is used to disinfect and remove odor from your mattress. 

Steps on How to Clean a Mattress With Vinegar


  1. Take a spray bottle, add white vinegar, shake it well, and close it with a cap. 
  1. Sprinkle the vinegar solution all over the mattress and let it dry. Vinegar is the natural ingredient that helps to clean mattress stains. 
  1. If there is a tough urine stain on your mattress, then sprinkle the heavy coat of the vinegar until that is completely saturated.
  1. Also, you can use an enzyme cleaner for a mattress that chemically breaks down stains and odors. Make the paste using salt and lemon juice. 
  1. Apply the paste to the mattress stain and let it settle for almost 1 hour. Wipe off the paste using a clean towel. 

How to Deep Clean a Mattress Professionally? 

Considering these ideas on how to clean a mattress without baking soda will help you get a satisfactory goodnight’s sleep, eliminating stains and dust. 

But if you don’t have enough time, then hiring mattress cleaning professionals is a wise decision. In this, Ultra Shine Cleaning Services will provide you with quality mattress cleaning in Riverside, CA.

We have over 2 decades of experience in providing mattress cleaning services.

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