How to Get Rid Of Dog Smell In New House?

How to Get Rid Of Dog Smell In New House?


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



Pet odor can be a property deal-breaker when you are shifting to a new house. Also, it can be a major problem for tenants when moving out. In this situation, one question that pops might be how to get rid of the dog smell in the new house. This is because dealing with pet scents can occasionally be difficult.

Want your house not to smell just like pets? Don’t have enough budget to hire professionals? Here we have mentioned some of the best ways to remove the bad smell of your pets like dogs or cats from a new house. Pick one of the ways, implement, and get the results you need.

Whole House Smells Like Dog Urine? Eliminate It Right Now!  

⇒ Sweep, Mop, And Vacuum 

The first thing you need to do is to make your house smell fresh by removing all the debris that your pet creates. Start with a gentle sweeping of all floor areas and then mop them to remove remaining dust particles while sweeping. In case, to remove eliminate pet debris from carpets, vacuuming is the best option. It smoothly removes all pollutants from the upper surface of the carpet.

Steam Clean All Carpet Areas

Once all the dry pollutants are removed, now it’s time to steam all the carpeted areas. This way, you can reduce bad odors from the surface. Either you can hire professional pet odor removal services or use a chemical-free cleaning solution. Once the steam cleaning process is completed, make sure your surface is dry completely.

Use Odor-Sealing Paint On Walls

Pet urine stains are the major cause of spreading bad odor in your new house. These pet urine stains are not limited to floors; they are on walls too. Using odor-sealing paint on walls is the answer to your question on how to get rid of dog smell in the new house. It helps you get the pet smells out of the drywall.

Buy An Effective Air Purifier

An air purifier helps you pull debris and dust out of the air from your house, providing clean and fresh air to breathe. In the market, there are different air purifiers available but try to buy the one that removes pet odors. Purchasing a high-quality air purifier also kills bacteria and fungi in the air.

Does The Carpet Smell Worse After Professional Pet Odor Removal 

The fact that the backing is still wet is the major cause of an unpleasant carpet odor after washing. If the carpet doesn’t dry completely, it might develop mold and mildew, which can produce a musty odor and potentially pose a health risk. Once the carpet has dried completely, foul smells should go away.

If you do not know about it you can also call professionals. They are well trained and can easily make your carpet clean and shiny. They are available 24/7 to provide any services to their clients. Call them for any inconvenience.


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