Is Vinegar an Ideal Choice For Natural Stone Cleaning_

Is Vinegar an Ideal Choice For Natural Stone Cleaning?


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The most widely used natural cleaning product in recent years is vinegar. It is frequently used for cleaning natural stone because of its all-natural look. Even though a sizable portion of the white vinegar sold today is synthetic.

As a result, it is safer to use as an efficient household cleaner since it is less dangerous than other substances because it has a carboxylic acid formed by a chemical process that also happens to be quite similar to the biological process.

It makes perfect sense to use synthetic vinegar as a healthy household cleaner because it can be safely swallowed, but never on natural stone.

How Does Natural Stone Respond To Vinegar?

All natural stone, including granite, marble, and other varieties, is created through chemical processes that are a part of geological processes. You don’t want the vinegar to act as a catalyst in the following chemical reaction that occurs when blocks of natural stone are extracted from mines to cut, polish, and install.

The reaction might range from spotting and dulling to etching and staining that necessitates refinishing, depending on the kind of vinegar and the state of your stone.

⇒ The Acidic Nature Of Vinegar

Every substance has the potential to be either basic or acidic based on its molecular makeup. A substance’s acidity can be determined using the pH scale, which ranges from 1 to 14. The lower figures signify a higher alkaline content and high acidity, both of which can result in burns.

With pH values ranging from 2.5 to 7, acidic substances like juice, wine, and vinegar are more likely to trigger a chemical reaction that could result in the removal of sealant, discoloration of the stone’s surface, and etching through the pores.

Natural Stone Cleaning Using Vinegar – An Ideal Choice

Spills of wine, vinegar, and grape juice can occur in the kitchen. Blotting the spill as soon as it occurs is essential for preventing a stain. Never wipe it off, please. If a stain begins to appear, the protective seal is insufficient. Baking soda may be made into a paste right here.

After using acetone paste, the afflicted region should be left alone for 24 hours before being washed with water. Make sure to apply the granite sealer after rinsing the paste off and wiping the floor or countertop.

The Excellent Way To Keep Natural Stone Clean

You should use the granite cleaning solution that has been created specifically to clean real stone rather than vinegar or other conventional household cleaning products. Apply sealant periodically if your kitchen’s stone counters are used for a lot of food preparation.

Natural stone can also be stained or damaged by substances than vinegar. Almost all food products have the potential to harm, but a good seal can stop that from happening. Therefore, synthetic vinegar is not the best option for cleaning natural stones.

If you still have no idea about how to clean your natural stone you can always call professionals. They are available 24/7 to provide any assistance and ensure to provide the best service around the area. Call them to know a free quote for your property.


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