Stains Out of Marble Surface

4 Effective Methods for Getting Stains Out of Marble Surface


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The marble is a metamorphic rock made from limestone after performing many chemical processes on it. Due to this, it can attract stains on its exposure to different substances. Also, this natural stone can easily absorb the dirty liquid stains after being finely polished.

Being a homeowner it feels disheartened to see bad stains on the marble slabs and tiles of house. Learn the top 5 effective methods for getting stains out of marble and make your home look shiny again.

4 Tricks and Tips for Getting Stains Out of Marble Surface

1. Eliminating the oil-based stains

Spots of grease, cooking oil, milk, peanut butter, and other cosmetics on the marble are considered in the oil-based stains category. So, clean the oil-stained area with a soft liquid cleanser which is mixed with some drops of ammonia in it. Rinse this surface with a warm water solution and then allow it to dry.

If the stain is harder, then you can apply a layer of poultice on the marble and let it stay for 1-2 days.

2. Remove all the organic stains from the marble surface

Color of coffee and other organic substances usually falls between pink to brown shade. To remove these types of stains, prepare a solution of a few drops of ammonia and 12% hydrogen peroxide in it. Mix it well. Then apply to the stained area of marble.

Be careful while using hydrogen peroxide on dark color marble surfaces as it can lighten the shade of a stained area. 

3. Wipe out the soap scum stains

The film of soap formed on your bathroom floors, shower walls, and other marble pieces needs quarterly cleaning to remove stains. Make a solution by adding half a cup of ammonia to a gallon of water. Then wipe out all the floors and marble surfaces with this mixture to remove the soap scum.

Do not use too much ammonia in the solution as it may dull the surface of the marble.

4. Get rid of paint and ink stains

To remove ink stains (markers, pens) or small marble paint stains, you can use a lacquer thinner mixture. It is a mixture of solvents that are able to dissolve different types of resins and plastics in it. If there are larger paint and persistent ink stains on the marble surface, then use the poultice layer treatment.

A commercial heavy liquid paint stripper can be used for covering the heavy paint stains of marble surfaces.

Therefore, use the above 4 methods for getting stains out of the marble surface and preserve it’s glorious to look for a long time. But sometimes to remove heavy stains you may need a professional service cleaning for it.

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