Top 3 Strategies For Wool Area Rug Cleaning

Top 3 Strategies For Wool Area Rug Cleaning


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



Woolen rugs help you enhance your house floors and feel warm underfoot. As wool is a naturally renewable fiber, so it does not have any synthetic chemicals in it. A good thing is wool area rug can naturally block bacteria and dust mites to enter it. It can last for generations through proper care.

Even though after taking a lot of care it will happen that your wool rug becomes dirty. Do you know one main drawback of woolen material? It is extremely hard to dry the woolen material once it is wet. Learn 3 strategies for wool area rug cleaning to help you solve all such problems related to wool.

3 Tips and Tricks For Wool Area Rug Cleaning

1. Shake off the dirt from the wool rug and vacuum it

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Take your wool rug outside on a sunny day and hang it over on a porch railing or pair of solid chairs. Now with the help of a broom or rug beater, start hitting the rug to release the deeply embedded dirt from it. Also, remove the rug pad before shaking it. After this, flatten your rug on the deck with the wrong side facing up and vacuum the rug properly. Change the side and vacuum it again.

2. Make a detergent solution and do scrubbing with it

Mix the detergent solution in a bucket filled with cool water and dip the rug from its starting end. Sponge the rug with this detergent solution in three by three feet measurements.  This way the soil can be removed from the rug but don’t overwet the wool fibers.

3. Rinse the foam, blot all the moisture out and let it dry

Use fresh water in another bucket to rinse the area rugs with the sponge again. It is important because any detergent left on the rug would be cleaned properly. Detergent left in the rug fibers can attract the soil particles more, so this step is important. Blot the moisture from the cleaned areas with old towels or napkins. Attach the rug pad and allow the rug to dry completely.

Do You Want To Preserve Your Wool Rugs Beauty?

The beauty of your woolen rugs can be maintained by vacuuming them daily. But at least you required a proper rug cleaning once in 6 months. Either use the above 3 tips for your wool area rug cleaning at home or hire a professional for it.

To get the best wool rug cleaning in the Riverside location you can go for hiring the professionals at Ultra Shine Cleaning Services. We have thorough experience and expertise to handle all types of rug cleaning needs. Call us at 951-688-7777 and book your appointment now. Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated with our latest tips for wool rug cleaning services.


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