Do’s and Don’ts of Oriental Rug Cleaning: A Guide by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services1

Do’s and Don’ts of Oriental Rug Cleaning: A Guide by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



Cleaning an oriental rug is the best way to keep its beauty intact. However, cleaning this delicate type of rug has to be cautious. That is why our experts at Ultra Shine Cleaning Services have brought some do’s and don’ts of oriental rug cleaning so you can do it safely.

Do’s of Oriental Cleaning

⇒ Do Start with vacuuming

When you clean your oriental rug at home, do not just start with wetting and applying the solution. Start with vacuuming. This is essential to remove the dry soil and loose debris first. This will also help make further cleaning easier and maintain the quality of your oriental rug.

⇒ Do Clean the spills quickly

Blot and clean the spills as soon as they happen. Letting the stains remain uncleaned on your rug will cause them to become permanent. And they will also be tricky to clean later. We suggest blotting with paper towels and cleaning quickly.

⇒ Do Check the care label

The right method to clean your oriental rug is suggested in your care label. Read the label given behind it and follow its instructions to avoid taking any wrong steps. Also, check the usage label of the solutions you are going to use. That will help you with the right usage.

⇒ Do Test the cleaner on a small section of the rug

Whenever you buy a store-bought cleaner, always test a small amount on a hidden area of your rug. Many products can have a chance of color bleeding. So, to avoid any damage to your oriental rug, testing the cleaner is a must.

⇒ Do give it a deep clean by the pros

Oriental rugs are known to be delicate rugs. So, it is often recommended to have them deep cleaned by expert rug cleaners at least once a year. The ingrained dirt in the rugs can only be removed fully if cleaned by pros.

Don’ts of Oriental Cleaning

⇒ DO NOT use a beater bar on the rug fibers

Vacuuming is crucial for an oriental rug. But you should never use a beater bar on the rug fibers. This can harm the delicate surface of the rug and cause them to rip. Always detach the beater bar when vacuuming on the front side of the rug.

⇒ DO NOT vacuum the fringes

If your oriental rug has fringes on either side, never attempt to vacuum them. Your vacuum can easily grab them and cause them to be stuck in the machine while also causing damage to it. Always clean the fringes with a brush or squeegee.

⇒ DO NOT use boiling/hot water to clean

Water with high temperatures can be damaging to an oriental rug. It is made of delicate material, and so, hot water can weaken its fibers. That is why cleaning an oriental rug with cool water is best preferred.

⇒ DO NOT use harsh chemicals

One of the common oriental rug cleaning mistakes is using harmful cleaners like ammonia and bleach for oriental rugs. These contain harmful chemicals that can damage the structure and color of your rug. Prefer to wash it with natural, pH-neutral cleaners.

⇒ DO NOT scrub too hard

When cleaning an oriental rug, be cautious to pay attention to the soft fibers. Avoid rubbing them as that can cause unnecessary friction and damage. Neither should you rub the stains while cleaning; they will spread more deeply when rubbed.

⇒ DO NOT saturate the rug

Never overwet the oriental rug while cleaning. Just use the water as needed. Using water in excess amounts or soaking it for a long time can make it difficult to remove the moisture. It will take more time to dry and can also lead to mold and odor.


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