Different Factors Affecting Oriental Rug Cleaning Costs


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Oriental rugs give your house a lavishing look. However, maintaining oriental rugs is difficult as they are handwoven. Oriental rugs are very delicate and may get damaged if not washed properly. So the cost of cleaning them is very high.

Various Factors Affecting Price Of Oriental Rug Cleaning

→ Size Of Rug

The size of the rug directly affects the price of cleaning. If the rug is bigger in size, then it requires more cleaning and time than a smaller rug.

→ Type Of Rug

Oriental rugs are handwoven, and their fabrics are quite delicate. As the rugs come from distinct places they have different types of fibers. Some of the fibers are extra heavy that requires special cleaning.

So, the cost of cleaning also depends upon the depth and softness of the fibers.

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→ Method Of Rug Cleaning

There are different types of methods used to clean rugs. Oriental rug cleaning costs depend on its type fibers or the kind of cleaning is required.

Types Of Methods:

Dry Cleaning: It is also known as absorbent cleaning. As the name suggests there is no water used while cleaning the rugs with this process. The rugs are cleaned by dry detergent using a special machine.
Steam Cleaning: This is the most widely used rug cleaning technique. The solution used in steam cleaning is not harmful to health. It is a great technique to get rid of allergens and smell from the rugs.
Rug Shampooing: In this method, the oriental rugs are cleaned by shampooing them or creating a foam on them. It is not that much more effective than the other cleaning methods.

→ Additional Costs

Sometimes the professional charge extra if there is an additional condition in cleaning the rug.

  • Rug repair

Sometimes due to dirt and grime, threads of the rugs get damaged, which requires repairing. Professionals will advise you if there is a need for repairing the rugs.

  • Stain and odor removal

Due to the regular use of oriental rugs, they can catch stubborn stains and cause a foul smell. In order to remove rigid stains, deep cleaning is required by using special tools that can incur some additional costs.

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