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Most Common Oriental Rug Cleaning Mistakes


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Oriental rugs are a part of your decor. They make your floor look fascinating and hide imperfections. It is tough to maintain the beauty of oriental rugs as they are handwoven. Even, they need a thorough cleaning method. While without having proper tools and experience, oriental rugs are difficult to clean.

Moreover, it is necessary to clean oriental rugs to broaden their life and to enhance their beauty. Professionals use the best tools and equipment for oriental rug cleaning.

You need to be very careful while cleaning the oriental rugs as they are delicate that can easily be damaged if handled inadequately. Here are some of the oriental rug cleaning mistakes that you should avoid.

Oriental Rugs Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

⇒ Taking Too Long Gap Between Cleaning

With time, rugs can gather a lot of dirt which makes them look faded and hide their elegance. Therefore, clean your oriental rug every six months to keep it dust free and beautiful.

oriental rug cleaning Riverside

⇒ Use of Wrong Cleaning Methods

Not all rugs require soaking, else its fibers will be ruined. Many people don’t have the right knowledge of cleaning techniques. It is necessary to use the right technique for cleaning the rugs to keep its beauty and durability.

⇒ Not Addressing The Spill Right Away

People make this common mistake of not cleaning the spill right away and leaving it for later. Some stains such as coffee, alcoholic beverages, pet urine, and ink are tough to remove from the rug. So, try to clean these kinds of blemishes right away.

⇒ Prefer Wrong Cleaning Solution

There are distinct types of solutions for different sorts of stains. Not all kinds of stains can be cleaned by a single solution, so you have to be specific while choosing the cleaners. The use of wrong types of solutions could damage the fibers of the rug.

Get Your Oriental Rug Clean By Professional Today!

The use of bleach and chemicals can permanently damage the rug fibers. Cleaning companies have all the right tools to clean oriental rugs. Having your rugs cleaned by professionals can fully restore the appearance and look.

So, don’t make the above oriental rug cleaning mistakes if you are cleaning on your own. If you are looking for professional cleaners in Riverside, CA, then connect with Ultra Shine Cleaning Services. Call us on (951) 688-7777 to schedule your rug cleaning today! For more updates follow us on our Instagram page.


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