Useful Ways To Avoid Germs In Commercial Areas (2)

Useful Ways To Avoid Germs In Commercial Areas


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A healthy work environment leads to more productivity. But in such uncertain times of COVID-19, it has become a necessity to take extra precautions. High-traffic areas like commercial places are more prone to germs and this can put the workers’ lives at risk. In order to stay safe in workplaces, it becomes crucial to find ways to avoid germs.

Learn here the best ways to avoid germs in office areas.

The Best Ways To Avoid Germs In Office Areas

To maintain a healthy and germ-free environment, you can use the following ways to avoid germs and keep the diseases away.

1. Hand sanitizers at every nook and corner

Germs are everywhere and to avoid them, you must wash your hands constantly, especially before touching your face or eating. Soap and water help in removing all types of germs. But in its absence, a hand sanitizer containing 60% alcohol is a good alternative. Hand sanitizer stations should be installed in workplaces so that germs can be avoided in busy commercial areas.

2. Disinfectant wipes for a quick clean

Disinfectant wipes can easily clean up minor messes. They can be used frequently in the cleaning of door handles, desks, light switches, break area platforms, elevator buttons, phone receivers, shared electronics, etc.

3. Bleach for cleaning floors

A mixture of 1/3rd cup of bleach per gallon of water can be effective in cleaning the germs from the floors and making it germ-free. You should always wear disposable gloves while cleaning.

Useful Ways To Avoid Germs In Commercial Areas (1)

4. Humidifiers for a germ-free area

Controlling temperature, humidity, and air quality are advantageous ways to avoid germs in commercial areas. Steam humidifiers can be installed in work areas which helps in filtering bacteria out and improving the quality of indoor air.

You can use these ways to avoid germs in workplaces to create a healthier environment for everybody.

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