Tips on Commercial Office Cleaning

Tips On Commercial Office Cleaning


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



A clean and healthy workplace increases the productivity of employees in their work. Cleaning and maintaining the workplace gives a pleasing work environment to the employees and provides a good impression in front of visitors.

But, maintaining such a neat and hygienic workplace might be a tough task to do. Therefore, read this blog to learn a few crucial tips on office cleaning.

Six Essential Tips on Commercial Office Cleaning

1. Prepare a Checklist.

Make a checklist before you start the office cleaning process. Mention the areas to clean, and you can also mark the cleaning methods.

The places that need cleaning include restrooms, cabins, desks, meeting rooms, and a cafeteria. Decide a specific day for cleaning and be sure that all the things mentioned in the checklist get followed.

2. Remove all The Trash.

The workplaces that stink are the worst. There is a lot of garbage gathered at the end of every workday. Deep cleaning removes all the trash and is the best way to avoid germs and bacteria in commercial areas.

If you avoid removing the trash, the waste will spread a foul smell for a long time, and the germs will reside at your workplace, causing health issues for the employees. Also, any client who visits your workplace will have a negative impression because of the unpleasant and unwelcoming odors.

3. Choose The Correct Cleaning Products, Tools, and Techniques.

Use modern and proper tools, techniques, and products for cleaning the office. Choose the correct equipment that ensures deep cleaning without any damage. Use chemical-free or non-toxic solvents to clean the floors of the workplace.

Utilizing environmentally friendly products such as vinegar, baking soda, and disinfectants rather than harsh chemicals prevents you and your employees from causing any allergies and protects the environment too.

4. Clean The Carpets and Floors.

The carpets installed at your workplace and your floorings experience high foot traffic and lead to the formation of dirt, debris, and stains. Thus, clean the carpets and floors regularly.

Use various tools and techniques for the cleaning process. Vacuum the carpets and the floor as it helps to remove dirt and debris. Clean the carpets once a week to maintain their appearance and longevity.

Wipe the flooring twice a week. Cleaning and vacuuming the floors and carpets often will keep the workplace allergic-free and provide a fresh, clean look.

5. Organize Stuff.

A workplace with well-organized things shows a welcoming gesture to the clients and makes the employees feel comfortable at work.

A messy office with all the papers and files running out here and there, leaving the whole workplace cluttered, reduces productivity at the workplace.

Ask your employees to assist in keeping the workplace organized. Categorizing things in the right place will keep your office clean and tidy.

6. Keep The Restrooms Clean.

Always keep the restrooms of your workplace clean. Provide toilet papers, hand washing liquids or hand soaps, paper towels, and things that the employees require.

Regular cleaning of the restrooms maintains the fresh-smelling surroundings and protects from the germs and bacteria which might cause health diseases. Doorknobs, seats, basins, taps, and everything set in the restrooms should get cleaned and sanitized.

Hire a Professional

After learning these essential tips, if you run out of time or are unable to achieve the best results, the only better option left is to hire a professional.

If you are looking for a professional commercial cleaning service, feel free to connect with experts at Ultra Shine Cleaning Services. We serve Riverside and all nearby locations. Give us a call at (951) 688-7777 and enjoy our deep cleaning services.


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