Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Wood Floors

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Wood Floors


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Hardwood floors are the most durable property of any home. In countries like the U.S, this is the most common type of flooring in everyone’s house. This is because wooden flooring maintains the beauty and look of your house. However, different wood floors require different cleaning methods that will enhance and maintain their sparkling look. Therefore, here we come with some effective tips to maintain your beautiful wooden flooring.

Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Wood Floors

Tips On Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Wood Floors

Do’s For Wood Floor Cleaning

  • Apply a wood protector under the chairs and other furniture to keep that space free from germs after cleaning. Some vacuum cleaners have settings that enable you to switch off the beater bar. A robot vacuum can be a great helper if you are cleaning specifically wood floors.
  • Make use of a soft bristle brush or broom to sweep the large debris. The soft bristles are proven to be gentle in cleaning the hardwood floor efficiently. If you do not want dust buildup in the corner, use a modern Swiffer mop to clean every corner and extract small particles.
  • Always try to use cleaning products that are safe for wood flooring.

Don’ts For Wood Floor Cleaning

  • Mopping the wood floor with a wet mop and ignoring the excess water is the worst mistake you ever do while cleaning. If the water sits on the floor for over 1 minute, then this may damage your wood flooring.
  • Applying oil, wax, and citrus-based cleaner on wood flooring may damage and lose its luster. Different flooring responds differently to the treatment, some are proved good, but others will cost you for replacement.
  • Leaving a wet rug or carpet over flooring can damage the wood floor. If there is any nasty spill on the rug and that covers your wood flooring remove it and let it dry outside. If the wood will soak the moisture and gets saturated, then this will ruin the entire flooring.


Regular and proper cleaning will always enhance the look of your wood flooring. It is always advisable for every homeowner, never to ignore any spill and stain for a long time. Instead, search for professional wood floor cleaning help, and take immediate action.

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