Mistakes To Avoid When You Clean The Hardwood Floors

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Hardwood Floors in Riverside


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



Hardwood floors add beauty and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property in Riverside. It is mandatory to keep the elegance of the floors by maintaining their cleanliness and taking proper care.

While cleaning your hardwood floors, there might be possibilities that you make major mistakes and damage the entire hardwood floor. This will lead to an unattractive appearance of your property.

In this blog, we have discussed some common hardwood floor cleaning mistakes that you should avoid for hassle-free cleaning and better results.

Six Mistakes To Avoid When You Clean The Hardwood Floors 

1. Using Harsh Cleaning Solutions

Using cleaning products that contain ingredients like ammonia or bleach can be harmful and badly damage the surface of the hardwood floors. Strictly avoid using such harsh chemicals.

Instead, buy hardwood floor-specific cleaners that are suitable for your floor type. They are effective in removing dirt, debris, and stains without causing any damage to the floors. You can also consider using DIY cleaners.

2. Using Incorrect Tools

Using inappropriate cleaning tools leaves scratches and eventually damages the hardwood floors. Avoid using abrasive brushes or scrubbers for cleaning hardwood floors.

Instead, use a soft bristle brush or a soft microfiber mop or sponge to clean your floors. Any sharp-edged tool you use will surely harm your wood floorings. Brush out the dust particles swiftly to avoid any harm.

3. Not Attaching Furniture Pads

You might have to temporarily shift your furniture or rearrange it when you wish to clean the whole hardwood floor.

In such cases, moving your furniture from one place to another will leave dents and scratches on the floor because of its weight and rough surfaces and also increase your cost of repairs.

Thus, it is essential to attach furniture pads beneath before moving the furniture to avoid such problems.

4. Using Excessive Water

The use of excess water while cleaning hardwood floors is the biggest mistake that one should avoid. Excessive water sweeps into the purpose surfaces of the hardwood floor and thus becomes hard to clean.

While using mops or cloths to clean the floors, rinse them and drain out the water completely to make it damp and not full of water. Use the least amount of water to wipe out dirt and stains.

5. Avoiding Moisture Formation

Never leave the wet spills unattended on the hardwood floors as it sweeps in and damages the floor.

Accumulation of water causes moisture formation, and if you avoid this, then it will lead to the growth of molds. It is necessary to stop the flowing of water inside the floors as it can also damage the floorboards.

So wipe the spills immediately with a clean cloth. You can also use doormats at the entrances to prevent dirt and moisture from entering your hardwood floors.

6. Neglecting Regular Cleaning And Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your hardwood floors is a must. Skipping routine cleaning and maintenance can lead to a build-up of grime and make the cleaning process more challenging in the long run.

Prepare a cleaning schedule and follow it by hook or by crook. Ensure regular sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping to prevent dirt and grime buildup. Also treats spills and stains right away without wasting much time.

And lastly, invest in professional hardwood floor cleaning to ensure deep cleansing of your floors. Periodic deep cleaning preserves the appearance and longevity of your floors for a long time.


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