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Best Hardwood Floor Cleaner DIY Recipes


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



Whether your house has newly installed wood floors or has a hundred years old flooring, it always needs maintenance. People are having wood flooring for the beautiful look of their house. Wood is naturally resilient, and when sealed with a urethane finish, it does not require replacement for many years. 

DIY cleaning is a very effective technique to make your hardwood floor clean and beautiful. cost-effectiveness is a key benefit of DIY hardwood floor cleaners. Moreover, it just needs household products as ingredients. 

Yet, while wood floors are on many a “must” list for their traditional elegance underfoot. Let’s focus on some hardwood floor cleaner DIY recipes. 

Four Different Hardwood Floor Cleaner DIY Recipes

a. Water And Vinegar

You better know the benefits of using water and vinegar together for cleaning your kitchen counter, bathroom, and other areas. Similarly, if your hardwood contains dirt and stains, you can apply a mixture of water and vinegar for treating the spot. Just need to add vinegar with warm water and fill the mixture in a spray bottle.

b. Castile Soap, Water And Essential Oils

If your hardwood is stinking because of pet urine and food scattered on the floor. Then, add castile soap, water and if you want a perfume fragrance, add some essential oils like peppermint, orange, or lavender. Fill this mixture in a spray bottle and apply on the area. This spray will allow your hardwood to look shiny and extract all the dirty smells from the floor.

c. Use Tea Bags

If your hardwood floor is covered with scratches and you want to restore the sparkling look of your floor like previous. Make use of teabags. Instead of going for any commercial product at the store, next time brew a couple of extra tea for your floor.

d. Lemon Juice, Olive Oil and Hot Water

The combination of lemon juice, olive oil and warm water is the best homemade solution for hard stains that are difficult to treat. This mixture left a shiny and fresh look behind for your floor. Moreover, these products are easily available to everyone’s home. Using this combination will not lead any kind of damage to your hardwood flooring.

End Words

In the market, many products are available to clean your hardwood, but they are not chemical-free. Hardwood is a natural wood that requires natural treatment from time to time. But, for all the homeowners, it is not possible to clean the hardwood floor at home as they are busy with their working life. 

Moreover, people find it risky to apply any kind of solution to their hardwood, so it is advisable to hire the best hardwood cleaning service.

If you are searching for the best professionals for your hardwood cleaning, then Ultra Shine Cleaning Services is your ultimate destination. You can call us today at (951) 688-7777 and book the appointment. For more updates don’t forget to follow our Facebook page.


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