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Hot Water Extraction – A magic trick for a deeper, faster drying upholstery cleaning.

When you are planning for a new dwelling; you have to manage a huge budget to enhance the appeal of the interior. The interior consists of many things but the most important asset inside the house is upholstery and carpet. Among both, upholstery is the most used asset as everyone gathers in the area having upholstered furniture. Regular upholstery cleaning is one of the biggest responsibilities of homeowners, but it is wise to have these surfaces professionally cleaned at least once a year.

There are many companies that offer professional cleaning using ECO-friendly methods to clean your upholstered surface in a safe and effective manner. Hot water extraction is a cleaning technique that has become a standard throughout the industry.

Before we start with the advantages of upholstery cleaning using Hot Water Extraction, let see what is hot water extraction.

What is Hot Water Extraction?

Hot Water Extraction is a cleaning method in which a mild cleaning solution is added to hot water. This method is usually performed using a truck-mounted commercial-grade machine; that heats the water to approximately 250 degrees Fahrenheit and sends the water and cleaning solution to the applicator through hoses.

Then the professionals spray hot water and the solution mixture deep into the surface at high pressure and extract back out with a high-powered vacuum. The hot water dislodges dirt, dust, and other debris in the material which immediately extracts from the solution by the vacuum. The high temperature of the water also leaves the surface sanitized.

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Benefits on Upholstery

Hot Water Extraction is one of the best methods for deep upholstery cleaning. The ECO-friendly qualities make this technique more safe for all types of furniture upholstery fabrics both natural and synthetic, and it eliminates coarse particles that can permanently damage the upholstery fabric. Cleaning with this method has a fast drying time with deep cleaning and you can use it shortly after cleaning.

Homeowners looking for professional upholstery cleaning services should hire a reliable upholstery cleaning company using a hot water extraction method, such as Ultra Shine. This method has become the industry standard as it effectively cleans and sanitizes with a mild solution that is safe for all carpet and upholstery surfaces.

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