How To Clean An Oriental Rug Dog Urine?

How To Clean An Oriental Rug Dog Urine?


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



You may all love to have dogs and puppies at home. But sometimes accidents happen like pet urine, feces, and vomit from these animals on your rugs or carpets. In case, if these accidents occur on your oriental rug, then immediate action is needed. Otherwise, it will damage the fibers of your rug.

Oriental rugs always add beauty to your home. But keeping your rug damage-free is quite tricky with pets. Although all oriental rugs can lead to permanent damage from pet stains, especially if the rug is made out of silk fibers.

Here are some important tips to guide you on how to clean an oriental rug dog urine.

Useful Tips To Clean An Oriental Rug Dog Urine

1. Use a paper towel

As a dog owner, if your oriental rug faces accidents like dog urine, then it is very important to take proper precautions. Use a paper towel, or white cotton cloth and try to soak the urine from your rug. Do not scrub it, instead blot the affected area.

2. Apply vinegar and water

Tips To Clean An Oriental Rug

Once the liquid is blotted, make a mixture of warm water and vinegar. Apply it to the surface and rub it with a fingertip and spoon. Allow the mixture to stay at least for 5 minutes or blot the rug till most of the moisture is absorbed.

3. Add baking soda to the affected area

Sprinkle a handful of baking soda on the rug. Take half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and a teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent in a bowl. Then, slowly pour the mixture over the baking soda. You can also use a spray bottle to apply this mixture to the rug.

4. Vacuum the rug

Lastly, vacuum the rug thoroughly. Use a fan or heater to dry the rug. Also, use a bristle brush to remove the excess solution from the oriental rug. Be sure to remove all the baking soda from the area else it can weaken the fibers later.

Thinking To Hire Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning Services?

Always remember that professional oriental rug cleaning always ensures total urine removal from your rug. They are more efficient and have proper knowledge of rugs. They better know how to deal with pet urine in the best manner.

Professionals like Ultra Shine Cleaning Services always ensure you for satisfactory rug cleaning and free your rug from pet urine. Still, thinking? Don’t hesitate and connect us right now at 951-688-7777. For more updates on cleaning an oriental rug dog urine, follow us on our Facebook page.


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