How To Clean A Used Mattress At Home

How To Clean A Used Mattress At Home?


by Ultrashine Carpet Cleaning



Mattress where people like to take rest, but used mattresses hold lots of allergens like pet danders and odors. A used mattress can be a home for bed bugs, dust mites and other clutters. Moreover, sweat, mud, and urine can make you uncomfortable to sleep. Not only that, if you are living in a humid atmosphere then you may feel more suffocated.

But, you may wonder how you can sanitize your mattress at home? Because getting your mattress clean by professionals may be more expensive. So, know how to clean a used mattress at home in a few steps here.

Tips To Consider On How To Clean A Used Mattress

Mattress Cleaning

1. Vacuum The Mattress

Get your vacuum cleaner, attach with the upholstery part, start vacuuming from the top to the end of the mattress. Do not forget the narrow path and all the side corners of your mattress. Repeat the process for an effective result.

2. Apply Baking Soda

The odor of sweat and urine may penetrate deeply over time and can be difficult to remove especially when you have kids and pets at home. Sprinkle some baking soda on the surface paying attention where the smell is concentrated. Use a brush to gently scrub the baking powder.

3. Use Enzyme Cleaner

For getting rid of the stain from the mattress, you can use an enzyme cleaner or any other odor removal cleaner. Cleaners are easily available in the market which can even remove the tough stains from your mattress. Moreover, you can make a homemade cleaner with warm water and dishwashing detergent.


Having a stained and faded mattress at home can ruin your reputation. However, you also do not like to stay at home for a long time. Cleaning your used mattress is not an easy task. But if you are a working person then managing a home with work is not possible. Therefore, you should always hire professionals to reduce your stress.

Still, confused and searching for the best cleaning professionals? Do not waste your time, feel free to contact Ultra Shine Cleaning Services for the ultimate solution. Over the years, we have been cleaning the mattress using the latest techniques without any damage. Call us today at 951-688-7777 or follow us on the Facebook page for more updates on how to clean a used mattress.


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