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Due to daily wear and tear, your furniture upholstery becomes dirty and loses its beautiful appearance. Therefore, it is essential to opt for regular upholstery cleaning.

It will not only help you maintain its look but also save you money on replacement. That’s where the importance of hiring furniture upholstery cleaning services arises.

Why Upholstery Cleaning Is Important?

Cleaning and maintenance of upholstery are important as dirt couches can have a severe impact on your health.

When you hire upholstery cleaning services, bacteria and germs discharge from your upholstery.

As a result, health issues will reduce and you can have a healthy and fresh home environment.

In Search of the Best Upholstery Cleaning Service Provider?

Since 1993, Ultra Shine Cleaning Services is in the business of providing quality cleaning services. Our professionals help you restore the original look of your furniture upholstery.

We provide professional furniture upholstery cleaning services at affordable rates. Our services are available for residents in Riverside, Moreno Valley, Corona, Perris, Orange-crest, Murrieta, Chino Hills to Yorba Linda.

Ultra Shine Cleaning Services has a team of expert cleaners who use superior cleaning equipment and tools to get rid of dust pollutants from your upholstery furniture.

Process Involved in Upholstery Cleaning

1: Our professionals examine your upholstered furniture to detect the spots and determine which cleaning solution and methods would be most effective.

2: Once the pre-inspection is done, spots are pre-treated with specialized cleaning products.

3: Next we clean your furniture upholstery using high-performance industry-grade machinery which is specially formulated pH balance. We use it to rinse the fiber, which also removes the cleaning solution residue, leaving the upholstery fully clean.

4: If there are any leftover blemishes, we handle them again following all the steps of cleaning as the above steps.

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