How To Deep Clean Carpet Yourself At Home_

How To Deep Clean Carpet Yourself At Home?


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



When you want to deep clean the carpet, vacuuming alone is not enough. This is because vacuuming cleans dirt, dust, and pollen which is trapped inside your carpet fibers. But, it will not remove the stains, the discoloration, the smell, and other problems.

So, to help you with this issue, here we have mentioned some deep cleaning techniques that you can easily apply at your home.

Professional Ways To Deep Clean The Carpet Yourself At Home

Step1: Prepare Your Carpet

Before you start the process of deep cleaning the carpet, start to remove or move any furniture that is close to or on top of the carpet. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner to eliminate any trapped debris or pollutants inside your carpet fibers.

Step2: Hire The Carpet Cleaning Machine

Choosing the carpet cleaner will provide you with wet cleaning solutions that are very useful for deep cleaning. You can rent the machine or purchase it from any reputed carpet cleaning store or shop. Along with that, make sure you buy the carpet cleaning products such as carpet shampoo and odor-removing enzyme cleaners.

Step3: Spray Solution On Stained Areas

Spray the carpet shampoo or enzyme cleaner on the stained areas. For darker stains, you can add more cleaning solution and allow it to settle for at least 20 minutes. The cleaner will release the stain, making it easier to clean when your cleaning machine starts rolling.

Step4: Let The Carpet Cleaning Machine Roll

Start the machine which you have rented or purchased and let the mixture of hot water and cleaning solution sprinkle on the carpet. Allow your carpet to suck the water and wait until it becomes dry. After checking, if your carpet is too moist, then allow the machine to suck in more moisture. Refer instruction manual for the proper working of the machine.

How Do I Protect My Carpet From Getting Dirty?

After cleaning, you need to maintain your carpet as long as you can. Here are some ways to prevent dirt and debris from your carpet.

  • Buy Quality Doormats (For Every Entrance)
  • Clean Up Spots Immediately
  • Always Remove Your Shoes Before Entering
  • Invest On A Quality Vacuum
  • Twice A Week, Vacuum
  • Correctly Clean It
  • Every Year, Have It Cleaned By A Pro

In conclusion, considering these steps will surely help you deep clean your carpet in the most efficient way. If you are busy or have a long schedule you can hire professionals. They aim to provide tips, tricks, and solutions to all your carpet cleaning issues. They are available 24/7. You can call them if you need any assistance.


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