Tile And Grout Cleaning Facts

Reality Check: Tile and Grout Cleaning Facts


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Having clean tiles at home is everyone’s demand. They are also a symbol of well-kept homes. Give a clean impression among family and friends. But their maintenance needs a reality check.

The grout is a filling in between the tiles which gets dirty over time. The cleaning task may look simple if we just think about scrubbing. This may not be enough though, as this requires special care. For this reason, we need to know the tile and grout cleaning facts.

7 Tile And Grout Cleaning Facts You Should Know

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Cleaning the tiles and grout on your own can be an ambitious task, and therefore the owners bring in professional help. Let’s understand 7 tile and grout cleaning facts.

1. Scrubbing The Floors

Using a wire brush to clean the grout may sound effective. But this damages the surface and shine of the tiles. Over-scrubbing can also remove the grout.

2. Mopping Effectiveness

Despite mopping the floors regularly, your floors still look dirty. The fact is that the mop does not reach deep into the grout. Over time, the dirt and grime get accumulated, making the cleaning task less effective.

3. Regular Cleaning Products

You may be using soaps and detergents for mopping. But in the long run, the dirt is visible because of the ineffectiveness of the products. They temporarily clean, and gradually the floors become discolored.

4. Where Does The Dirt Go?

The dirt makes itself available to whatever it touches. It gets dissolved in the cleaning solution, gets distributed between the bucket, mop, floor, and tiles. It settles down as a layer on the surface and seeps through the grout.

5. Acids Are Safe For Tiles And Grouts

The nature of acid is strong and believing that it will clean well only harms the purpose. It may destroy what you attempt to protect the grout. There will be gradual erosion, even with few applications.

6. Sealant Is Good

Yes, it helps to protect the grout by absorbing the pollutants and adding to the cleaning life. It also prevents moisture to seep down and avoids mold formation. So, the sealant should be reapplied after deep cleaning.

7. Time Gap Between Tile Cleaning

This entirely depends on the usage of your floors. With kids and pets at home, you may want to clean more often. The high foot traffic will give enough reasons to why your tile and grout should be professionally cleaned, as with time the dark side of the tiles begin to show.

Knowing the tile and grout cleaning facts, Ultra Shine Cleaning Services have a specialized grout cleaning process that will ensure your satisfaction. To know more about our tile and grout cleaning services in Riverside, call us at (951) 688-7777. Follow us on Facebook for more updates.


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