How To Sanitize Carpet Without Steam Cleaner

How To Sanitize Carpet Without Steam Cleaner?


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



When did you last clean your carpet? They collect all kinds of dirt from the interior and exterior of the house. Organic compounds, molds, bacteria, insect shells, insect feces, dust, pet urine, pet hair, and dust mites, give them a name. Mix them with dirty water, oil, ink, etc. Stains caused by these particles are harmful to you and your loved ones.

Therefore, instant cleaning is essential. As we all know every time we can not hire professionals due to the sort budget. Then, how will you disinfect your carpet? Especially, if you do not have any professional tools.

But, Did You Know How to Sanitize Your Carpet Without Using A Steam Cleaner?

Here are some steps to disinfect and sanitize your carpet at home.

 a. Vacuuming


If there is furniture on the carpet, you must remove it. Vacuum the carpet to remove dirt and debris.

Most of the particles can be removed in a deep vacuum. We must remember to vacuum on both sides of the carpet, not just on the top, as this will be much more effective.

b. DIY Carpet Cleaner

Vinegar mixture

  • Put equal parts vinegar and cold water in a bucket and then a little liquid dish detergent. Turn the bucket and its contents until the mixture is foamy.

 Salt and detergent mixture

  • You should start by preparing a mixture of soap with water in a spray bottle. Do not shake it too much but make sure you mix it well. Then you need to sprinkle baking soda and table salt on the carpet.

These blends have cleaning and disinfecting properties and know how to sanitize carpets without a steam cleaner. Use a small area of the carpet to test first. The mix works with many carpets, and, chances are, you are no exception.

Carpets made of wool, silk, and other organic materials are delicate and may not recommend these cleaning ingredients.

c. Scrub The Carpet

Scrub The Carpet

Dip the brush into the mixture and use it to scrub the carpet. Do not get the carpet too wet. Rub from one corner to another corner of your carpet. Dip the brush into the mixture as this may be necessary to keep it moist. Maintain good pressure even when rubbing to remove all stains.

After scrubbing, leave the carpet to stand for about five minutes to ensure that the disinfectant works well.

d. Rinsing The Carpet

Replace this mixture with cold, clean water and use a rag instead of a clean brush. Dip the cloth in water and use it to rub the carpet. This will help to remove the bacteria and dirt that the disinfectant has loosened. dip the rag in water as per your requirement. If it gets dirty, you can change the cloth.

e. Drying The Carpet

It is advisable to have the carpet cleaned and disinfected in dry weather or low humidity so that it can dry faster. If you have a fan, you can also use it to dry the carpet. Let the carpet dry completely before proceeding to the next step.

f. Vacuum Again

Once again, vacuum the carpet to remove any debris present on the carpet. Vacuuming can also help remove the disinfectant mixture used on the carpet. It also helps to inflate the carpet back to its original texture and shape.

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You can research on the internet and learn many tips and tricks for cleaning carpets, but there is a limit. You should hire experienced professionals at least once a year to disinfect your carpet. We at Ultra Shine Cleaning Services are happy to make your living space hygienic by serving our deep carpet cleaning services across Riverside, CA.  Call 951-688-7777 to book your appointment today.


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