How to Protect Your Carpet During a Party

How to Protect Your Carpet During a Party? 


by Ultrashine Carpet Cleaning



If you own a new house, then you want to show off your new explorations to friends and neighbors by throwing a proper housewarming party.

When the guest explores your new house, there is always a chance that a glass of wine spills on your new carpet. But don’t worry!

If you are worried about the party mess, then here are a few effective tips on how to protect your carpet during a party.

Tips to Protect Carpet During a Party

1. Use protective carpet liners

If you are planning on having a family gathering, then you must invest in protective liners for your carpet areas. It will protect the front, back, and even sides of your living room carpet.

Still, worried about your carpet getting stained? If so, then purchase a carpet stain removal kit on hand. Also, for immediate cleaning, ensure that you have bleach, mild soap, and green cleaner.

Don’t let your stains whether it of wine or food go untreated for too long. This is because the next morning it becomes even tougher to remove it.

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2. Go for a stain protector or absorbent seal

If you have a stain protector spray or an absorbent sealing solution, then you can protect your carpet and maintain its long-lasting appeal.

Spray the carpet stain protector on the affected areas and clean it with a paper towel and water. You can easily remove even the toughest stain like wine or blood with the help of a stain protector.

3. Invest in the carpet protection film

One of the easiest ways to avoid stains and dirt is by investing in carpet protection film. It is an economical carpet film that helps to cover carpeted floors from stains, soiling, dust, and other construction debris.

It is easy to install with no equipment required – unroll and adhere to the carpet. Nearly stronger than other competitive carpet films.

Secure Your Carpet With Quality Cleaning Services

Whether you need a long-lasting look or want to secure the carpet from any damage, hire professionals to get the value of your investment. Providing the best carpet protector and carpet cleaning services in Riverside CA, Ultra Shine Cleaning Services is your ultimate choice. For more details on our cleaning services, contact us at 951-688-7777 or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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