Damaging Effects Of scents On The Carpets

Damaging Effects Of Fragrances On Carpet


by Ultra Shine Cleaning Services



Do deodorizers affect carpets? Surprisingly, yes! Everyone likes their carpets to smell good. That’s why most people use deodorizers, and air fresheners on carpets. However, air fresheners and carpet powder deodorizers are harmful to carpets.

It is hard to believe that fragrances can spoil your carpets. Isn’t it? Let’s look at the effects that fragrances cause on carpets.

a. Harmful Chemicals

Chemicals in the air fresheners are not only harmful to the delicate fibers of carpets but also to the health of the residents. Air fresheners can result in severe breathing diseases. They spoil the carpet’s appearance and color by reacting to the fibers.

b. Dirt Magnet

Air fresheners leave a sticky residue that can turn out to be a magnet for dirt and grime on your carpet. Although the room fresheners spread a fruity smell around your house, they also make your carpets deteriorate by attracting more dirt to them.

c. Powder Deodorizer

Sometimes People use powdered fragrances on carpets to get rid of the odor from the carpets. However, the powdered fragrances work as grime and are like little pebbles that can cause the carpets to tear.

Ultimate Odor Removal!

The best option to remove the odor from the carpets is to clean them.

What’s better than hiring professionals? A carpet cleaning specialist offers various benefits. Professional carpet cleaners know how to deal with different kinds of odors and fabrics effectively.

professional carpet cleaner

Make Your Carpets Smell Like New!

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