Guide: How to Remove Pet Stains From Hardwood Floors

Only pet-owners understand how annoying it feels when a pet pees on the glossy hardwood floor. Possibly you might be one of them. In such a situation the first thing a pet owner looks for how to remove pet stains from hardwood floors.

Pets are our family members, but much like a child, they can also cause a mess. Whether you have a puppy, an aging dog or cat, accidents are inevitable. Hence, you can suddenly find yourself with a stinky urine stain on your beautiful wood floor.

Apart from a strong pet odor, pet mess can create unsightly black marks that warrant a quick acknowledgment. There are few ways to deal with this cleaning job, but most important is to clean the stain as soon as possible to avoid a permanent stain. Before you start any treatment, you need to start blotting up the excess urine on the surface.

Here our experts have mentioned some ingredients that can help you when you are searching for how to remove pet stains from hardwood floors.

A Solution of White Vinegar And Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit Oil & Vinegar

It is popular for its natural disinfectant and deodorant. Ordinary white vinegar is easily available in your kitchen. Moreover, it is a great tool for removing these stains. Add one cup of vinegar into warm water and then add some drops of grapefruit oil to the solution to get eliminate the odor. Scrub the floor using this safe cleansing solution, also make sure you concentrate on the most prominent spots.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide

Using hydrogen peroxide depends on the deepness of the stains. Firstly, scrub the accident spots with a peroxide-soaked cloth and let them dry. If the stains and odor are not properly removed, cover the stain with a paper towel using hydrogen peroxide. Leave each towel on each stain spots for a few hours and keep on checking repeatedly every hour to see if the stain is coming up. Once you’ve removed the stain, keep in mind that your floor color will probably show mild discoloration, and as a result, require some refreshing.

Baking Soda: A Quick Stain & Odor Killer


It is one of the most popular methods when you are figuring out how to remove pet stains from hardwood floors. You can perform stain removal using baking soda, vinegar or peroxide. But cleaning stains using baking soda can soak up any dampness or residue, and deodorize. First, sprinkle the baking soda on the stain. Make a thick coat layer over the stained area. Leave it for an hour. After that vacuum the area properly. If it’s still damp, repeat the procedure.

These were the top 3 cleaning solutions when you are looking for how to remove pet stains from hardwood floors. You can call us at 951-688-7777 if you have any queries related to pet stain removal. Ultra Shine Cleaning Services provides pet odor removal services in Riverside and nearby areas over 25 years.

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