Carpet Cleaning Methods: Save You Money On Carpet Replacement

As there are a variety of carpet cleaning methods in the market, it is important to know which technique is used to treat your carpet when hiring professional carpet cleaning services.

It is the myth that cleaning companies implement the same types of carpet cleaning machines and techniques. But, in reality, today the carpet cleaner exercise a wide range of methods having a different concept, sciences, and machinery.

This is why before hiring any carpet cleaning professional, it is vital to familiarize yourself with the different carpet cleaning methods. It helps you make an informed decision. Here is the list of the best carpet cleaning method consumer reports of 2019.

1. Shampooing a Carpet

Compared to vacuuming, shampooing a carpet is the best way to deep clean your dirty carpet. In this method, formulated detergents are directly applied to the carpet and then the machine is used to agitate the cleaner. Afterward, professionals vacuum to remove the cleaner from the carpet while making it clean and fresh. This is the best way to clean the carpet yourself at home when you want immediate results keeping in mind the health and wellness of family members and guests.

Shampooing a Carpet


2. Hot Water Extraction

The most common carpet cleaning method used today is hot water extraction, i.e. steam cleaning. It relies on the heavy-duty machinery to provide deep and powerful cleaning. First, the hot water solution is poured on your carpet, which dissolves all the dust and soil particles in the carpet. As it is renowned for removing deeply embedded stains and dust contaminants, hot water extraction is the widely recommended method by professionals.

Hot Water Extraction Riverside

3. Dry carpet cleaning

Most of the individuals suggest a dry cleaning method compared to other cleaning techniques as it saves you both time and money taking minimum downtime. This means that the carpet will not take more time to dry completely compared to other traditional methods. In this method, experts sprinkle special cleaning powder all over the carpet, which automatically attracts dirt. This will absorb all the liquid stain and then suck it up by a vacuum. Besides that, it will be leaving your carpet clean and fresh.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Hire the Professional Providing Quality Carpet Cleaning Methods

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