A Complete Window Cleaning Guide

A Complete Window Cleaning Guide 2019


by Ultrashine Carpet Cleaning



Nothing can improve the look of your residential or commercial building than neat and clean windows. Consider this window cleaning guide of 2019 to get sparkling clean windows every time. It covers all your questions related to window cleaning including:

1. How to Clean Dirty Windows?

DIY window cleaning

Before cleaning your interior windows, put a towel along the sill to prevent water from getting into the floors. So, to clean dirty windows mix 1tbsp. of Ammonia and 3 tbsp.

Take vinegar or rubbing alcohol in 1/2 cup of lukewarm water. Wipe the rag over the window gently using flat strokes to limit dripping.

2. How Do You Clean Window Tracks?

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Cleaning window tracks can keep your windows in a good state. First, dampen baking soda on your dusty window tracks. Make tracks cleaner using water, dish soap, and vinegar.

Spray the solution over the baking soda. Then scrub the window tracks with a toothbrush to release built-up dirt. However, you can also use a toothpick to remove the stubborn gun. This is the best and easy way to clean window tracks.

Know more about how to clean window tracks with little to no scrubbing here!

3. How to Clean a Window sill?

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Never ignore window sill cleaning as it is the ultimate way to sparkling clean windows. To get, clean window seals, first, vacuum the area and remove as much as dirt.

After that, handle grime in the tracks and the corners. You can use any cleaning agent available on your hands like vinegar or dish liquid.

However, you can also use a pinch of baking soda to remove caked-on dirt.

Want More Details About Window Cleaning?

Considering this window cleaning guide helps you get neat and clean windows. Still, if you want more details about window cleaning, then Ultra Shine Cleaning Services is the definite choice. For years we are a renowned window cleaning service provider in Riverside. Dial 951-688-7777 or follow us on  Facebook and Twitter for recent updates on our cleaning services.


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